Speaking Finance About:

Speaking Finance was formed in August 2019 by Steven Emms with the intent to realize the vision of providing a brokerage firm that is respected in the industry and known as a reliable and valued by all its clients for outstanding service and consistently reliable outcomes.

Please take some time to have a look at our testimonials to see the kinds words of all our clients to date.

Steven Emms – Bio

Steven started out in finance back in 2015 at Rapid Finance where he learned the basics of being a finance broker. He has worked at several companies over the journey including Savvy finance and Stratton Finance. Steven was determined to start his own business from the very early days and he worked to build relationships, network with likeminded people and meet customers’ expectations consistently.

Before getting into finance Steven served in the army and deployed to the Solomon Islands in 2010. He earned his private pilot license in 2008 and worked in the railways in several roles for 5 years before moving into finance.

Steven’s broad background and experience has served him well over the journey as he is able to relate really well to all sorts of customers from all types of circumstances.

Madeleine Simon – Bio

Madeleine Simon is a Loan Processor and Settlement Specialist who works closely with partnering brokers and lender to ensure a speedy & seamless settlement for their clients

Although still very new to the finance industry Madeleine’s ability to make relations and drive conversation allows her to build a network to complete responsibilities for her clients. She believes It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Madeleine is highly involved with her Sporting commitments which take up all her time outside of work. She captains her Rugby Union Team and involves herself with charity sporting events to cultivate her other passion “women making choices”.

With her upbeat and determined attitude she will be a force to be reckoned with, both on the football field and in the finance industry.

Jessica Smith – Bio

Jessica Smith is a Loan Processor and Car Sales Consultant. With Jessica’s ability to build rapport, she can gain an understanding over her client’s needs and desires which allows her to help find their dream car while also assisting them throughout the finance process.

Jess is originally from Newcastle, NSW. Her determination and positive attitude for life has landed her in a new city ready to make an impact. She is eager to combine her interest in cars and empathic attitude to give herself a cutting edge in the industry. Jess is active and energetic woman that spends her time outside of work in her local F45.

Before moving to Melbourne, Jess was a Manager at the renowned restaurant Rick Stein. This built her exceptional experience in developing genuine relationships, working at high standards and handling high pressure situations. Jess developed a love for not only wine, but also the taste and experience of fine dining. Although she is no longer in the fine dining industry, Jess has adapted her skills and implemented them with her new career.